The Library of the Faculty of Education has been operating since 2005 as a Regional Library of AUTh after the unification of the Library of the School of Primary Education and the School of Early Childhood Education.



The Library is situated on the 2nd floor of the Tower building  of the Faculty of Education. The space available for its operation is estimated at 450m2 and includes the Office for Borrowing and Service users, the Bookselves, the Department of Current Periodical Subscription, the Department of Bound periodicals (older issues), the Reading room, the Department of photocopying equipment (with two copiers which operate with a card) and the Centre for integration policy.


The Library of the Faculty of Education covers a wide variety of disciplines with an emphasis on Education (Early Childhood and Primary) and especially in Social Sciences, Psychology, Education in general and specifically in relation to minorities, gender, people with disability, Language, Science, Mathematics and Children's Literature. The library''s collection consists of 35,000 volumes of books which are registered in the list of open source software «Koha» and users  have direct access to on-line directory via the terminals that exist in the Library.
             The Periodical Section                        

Lending Library

The Library of the Faculty of Education operates as a lending Library. It is mainly addressed to members of the Faculty, but also serves students of other Schools of the university as well as non-university users.






Research and Material Identification


The Library has 7 PCs to search for books and other material  via the website of the Central Library.


The AUTh has aslo acquired and provides to the academic community online courses -Blackboard. It is about  the effort to systematize the supervisory and accompanying teaching material in a single electronic database so as to be used by the greatest possible number of users. The Blackboard, with its many available options, it can satisfy both the needs of traditional teaching as well as distance education. Users can visit the courses through the home page of the Library of AUTH . Here is the link to the blackboard. Additionally, the wireless network that is available facilitates personal work and research.

Other Actions of the Library ( indicatively:)

  •   Reading Club
  •   Bazar for Exchaning Books, entitled: "Take - Give."
  • "Treasure Hunt" game, involving teams of students of the Faculty of Education
  •  Photo exhibitions entitled
  •  Tours  in the Faculty's Library for pupils of the Childhood Center of AUTh, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The aim of this action is to introduce to young readers  with the place of the library, the lending process and the services generally offered.
  •  Books Donations. Often school libraries  from different regions of Greece or social centres of various groups such as the "Social Centre of Immigrants' request books to enrich their libraries. In such cases, the Library of the Faculty of Education responds positively if there is in its possession excess material.

Library's Working Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 to 19:00
Public service Phone: +30 2310 995047, 2310 991242, 2310 991165
Telefax: +30 2310 991210

Library's Staff

The Library staff consists of:

  •      Nuni Andriani, Librarian, Faculty of Education
  •      Angeliki Papazoglou, Technical Staff of the School of Early Childhood Education

The work of the Library is occasionally assisted  by students  of TEI Librarianship (doing an internship).